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Do you live in an older home? Chances are, you fell in love with your home’s charm and character when you first bought it. However, we’re willing to bet that you didn’t fall in love with the plumbing system. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with those old galvanized steel pipes forever. It’s now more affordable than ever to re-pipe your home with crosslinked polyethylene, or PEX, pipes.

Smart Choice Plumbing is here to help. We are skilled when it comes to re-piping homes and businesses. We can get your place re-piped using today’s best materials and practices at an affordable price. Even better, we’ll get it done fast.

Smart Choice Plumbing


Switching from galvanized steel to PEX piping is the smart choice for your home or business. Don’t believe us? Check out this list of benefits:

  • Switching to PEX means putting a stop to the leaks, corrosion, and low water pressure that show up when your galvanized steel pipes reach the end of their lifespan.
  • PEX piping is less expensive than steel and copper.
  • PEX piping is made of plastic, which means it can bend and snake through the walls. This makes it easier (i.e. less expensive) to install than metal piping.
  • The piping is color-coded (red for hot water, blue for cold, white for any). This makes it easier to know what you’re dealing with if you try any repairs yourself or DIY projects.
  • The pipe doesn’t lose heat like copper piping – great for toasty showers!
  • PEX piping resists chlorine and scale.
  • PEX piping is resistant to freezing temperatures, making it much less likely to burst.​

Let us make sure your home is up to today’s standards and up to code. To learn more about PEX re-piping and how it can benefit your home, contact us today. Let us put the E=MC² treatment to work for your home!

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